Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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Parenting lesson #3 Ruby Tuesday

Parenting advice -- my favorite topic

I LOVE advice from other parents. Each family raises their next generation with unique choices. I'm so interested to discover what are some themes from moms who have children that make them proud -- and I love to talk parenting with all moms.

Ruby Tuesday
Recently, my daughter brought home a heart that said "I love mommy because she takes me to Ruby Tuesday." Interesting - because we do go a few times to indulge the ever-plentiful salad bar.

This Tuesday, as the day rolled to close, the kiddos and I walked around the restaurant and paused to watch the busy kitchen doors open. A nice waitress offered kiddos ages correctly and hung with us for a while. She told me of her two kids and how work is a rest for her. She explained how her boys fought.  Hmm.. Not needed info. Then - the nugget. She said her kids have a new shower game. One song for fun - one song for wash. That's potential fun & efficiency!
As I thanked her for tip, she said on our way out - (yelled out the door) "It doesn't get any easier!"
PS same visit - 1st- mom, I can do it myself (insert tear and pride- more tear;-)
Well.. I guess it can't all be good advice! Lesson = effort and love are the best recipe xo